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Casting w/ Alumilite Dyes

Use Alumilite's Dyes to color your casting resin. We carry seven basic colors (black, brown, green, yellow, red, blue, orange) and three flesh tone colors (african american, native american, and caucasian). Add the dyes to the 'A' side by weight up to 5%. The more you use the darker the color will be.

The first step is to gather the materials that are needed. A popsicle stick, cups, dye, and your mold.

Next get equal amounts of both sides of Alumilite's Regular casting resin (enough to cast your part). Take the popsicle stick and dunk it into the bottle of dye. Hold it over the 'A' side of the resin and allow one drop of dye (depending on the amount of resin you are using) to fall into the 'A' side. Stir the dye into the 'A' side thoroughly until uniform color is reached.

Pour both sides of the resin into a cup. Stir until a uniform color is reached (about 25 seconds).

Slowly pour resin into your mold. Tipping the mold a little while you pour will help fill in any undercuts and reduce the chance of air bubbles. Alumilite Regular has a 90 second open time and a demold time of approximately 5 minutes.

Once the 90 second work time is up the resin will harden and change color. Allow the resin to set for about 5 minutes. Allow the material to completely harden before demolding (depending on the temperature of your mold and the amount of resin you pour, this will take from 3-10 minutes). The thinner the casting, the longer it will take to cure. Preheating your mold slightly in a microwave or conventional oven will assist thin parts and sections to cure more evenly.

Once the Alumilite Regular has set up, demold your cast piece. Your dyed cast replica will have the exact detail of your original. This entire process took less than 7 minutes.

Here we show you a chart of Alumilite's Regular, Black, and White Resins along with 6 of the basic coloring dyes.

Here we show you a chart of 3 different flesh tone dyes. Use the flesh tones according to your preference of shade and flesh tones are typically used in Alumilite White.


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