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How To Cast Antique Car Steering Wheel

You are now ready to begin pouring.  Mix equal amounts of Alumilite White A side and B side in a bucket.

Mix the material thoroughly until absolutely no swirls or streaks are seen.

Tilt the mold to allow the resin to flow down the side of the mold to decrease the chance of creating air bubbles when pouring.  Pour slowly to allow the resin to flow naturally into the mold.

While pouring, tilt the mold to help the resin flow into the different areas in the mold and to eliminate undercut areas which will allow any air bubbles to flow back up to the pour hole and escape.

An extra set of hands may be necessary depending on the size of the mold.  Continue to rotate the mold back and forth until the mold is full of resin.

Once the mold is full, place the pour hole cut out back into its position which will squish out the excess resin and fill the detail back into that section of the steering wheel.

Press the cut out section firmly back into place until the U channel made by the Key Knife snaps into place.

Once the resin has cured, remove the bolts and boards supporting the mold and begin to separate the two halves.

Continue to work around the outside edge to separate the two halves.

The mold will separate and you will find your cast steering wheel with minimal flash and a small seam line around the pour hole section on the back of the part that can easily be cleaned up.

Remove the steering wheel from the mold and with your fingers or a dull knife remove any excess flash.

You now have an exact replacement for your antique car steering wheel.  The mold is ready to be put back together and poured again.

How to make the Mold for this piece >

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